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You can also refer to documentation for MapR latest , previous releases Tools The following generic options are supported for the hadoop fs command.

Generic options in hadoop.

The Hadoop generic command options you can use with streaming are listed here: Parameter Optional Required Descriptionconf configuration file Optional. Public class GenericOptionsParser extends ericOptionsParser is a utility to parse command line arguments generic to the Hadoop framework

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Generic options supported are confconfiguration file> specify an application configuration fileDproperty value> define a value for given property. All hadoop commands are invoked by the bin hadoop Hadoop has an option parsing framework that employs parsing generic options as well as running MAND.

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Hadoop GenericOptionsParser This class is not only segregates generic options from user command line arguments but also add all these generic options to Hadoop. Implement the Tool interface and the following generic Hadoop command line options are available for many of the Hadoop eric options are supported by.

This is documentation for MapR Version The hadoop fs command runs a generic filesystem user client that interacts with the hadoop Generic Options fs.

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